National Politics

The Rapidly Changing News Cycle

A month ago, the headlines were filled with stories about young activists fighting for DACA:

Then a few weeks ago, there were headlines about some New York lawmakers introducing legislation requiring detergent companies to make Tide Pods less appetizing because too many young people were eating them:


Then last week, it was students, many of them who aren’t old enough to vote, calling for an update of the Second Amendment:

It is amazing how fast the news cycle changes and how in a few weeks a group can be classified as numbskulls and then the next, as experts the nation should listen too.

Republicans seem Anxious for a ‘Dreamers’ fix by year’s end

Republicans in tough congressional seats really seem anxious for a Dreamers fix by the end of the year. While I remain hopefully, I am not sure it will get done, because we have a ton of foot dragging and too many political games being played by all sides. 
Check out this article by the Washington Post